Chances are that if you've ended up here, you know there's some progress to be made. We have worked on many projects where the understanding of ‘where we’re at’ is not clear, so we developed this self-assessment tool to help you on your journey.

On the scale below, select which answers best suite your current culture within your organization.

Write down your answers, and once you have answered all the questions, tally up your points and check the chart to see where you land. 

A note on terms:

We use the term ‘sustainability’ to encompass the concepts of environmental, social and economic considerations of actions within an organisation so that the outcome is better for the planet and people.

We also use this term to encompass important concepts and transitions such as the Circular Economy and Regenerative Design.

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Where do you land?

Based on your final point score (out of a total of 42) rate yourself on your progress level with our self assessment tool and see the recommendations for where you can go next in your sustainability journey. 


Starting Out

Everyone has to start somewhere, and you are clearly ready and willing! So let’s start the journey together. We can help identify and fill the gaps you need to get started and build the internal capacity to make positive change. Leadership takes courage, and the first step is always identifying what deficits you have so you can design solutions to overcome them.

Any of our training and support services can help you start this important journey! We have helped many organizations at this level transition out of the inertia and into a positive progress state. 

Making Progress

Starting out is hard, but you have leapt over the hurdle and are now picking up momentum. You know that change is important, and that it has to happen. You are taking action in some ways, but know that you need to improve in others. In particular, your team’s cohesion to the new path needs to be established and you need the tools to get to the level of mastery you desire.

Our online training packages can help get everyone on board and change the conversation. Our executive coaching service could also help established more leadership and build capacity at the top. 

Good handle!

Great Things

Mid way there! You are ahead of many of your competitors, and well established on the path towards the circular economy. You have taken action, started your internal transitions and training and made sure that lots of people are activated and participating at the right level. You know where your gaps are and are working hard to fill them so that you can transition to the next level and lead your industry. 

We can help you get there by delivering workshops of advanced systems thinking and innovation through the circular economy. our CEO coaching and leadership training would also help you get to the next level fast. 

This is a great place to be, so congratulations on getting to this advanced level in your journey! You have been working hard, getting the knowledge and skills needed to make sure that everything you do is on point. Nearly everyone is along for the ride, and you only have a few small hurdles to get over before you are leading the way. 

We can help you with this last stage by designing you a custom workshop or training package that will fill any knowledge gaps and bring the entire team to the next level of your organizational development. 

Leading the Way

Great work! This must feel amazing to see how far along you are. Everyone in your organization is purpose-filled, activated and passionately helping to drive change in the world. You have an incredible internal knowledge base which means you are at the top of your game. You are making sure every step of the way people are on board, motivated and equipped with all the tools and resources they need to make change through your organization’s missions and actions. 

We could help you catalysis this action and knowledge to catapult it out into the world through the development of tools that help other discover your successes.