We offer custom designed knowledge and skill building experiences that challenge, evoke, inspire and engage. Our workshops are built on our extensive curriculum in systems thinking, sustainability, design thinking and social innovation. 

Disrupt Design curated workshops facilitate your team in building their own creative confidence, and foster flexible out-of-the-box thinking in our key knowledge areas of systems, sustainability and design. We develop both short and long form brain-activating experiences for groups of all shapes and sizes. While our approaches and content are unique and exclusively offered by Disrupt Design, they are accessible and beneficial to individuals and teams across a wide range of disciplines;  we have been commissioned to run workshops for a diverse range of institutions, companies and individuals. 

Disruptive Design Masterclasses


In addition to developing expertise in our specialty areas, we've also developed methods of transferring information that makes learning enjoyable. We think training is all about finding the right mechanisms for transferring mental toolsets, and we employ a range of unique facilitation tactics and learning methods to make new skills and knowledge sets stick. Our sessions are high energy, engaging, enlightening, provocative, challenging, even transformative, and fun! We deliver workshops from our extensive pre-existing curriculum, and, upon request, we also develop tailored content that meets the specific needs of clients. 

Disrupt Design workshops that work


  • Systems Thinking & Life Cycle Thinking
  • Social Innovation 
  • Design, Creative & Flexible Thinking 
  • Sustainability & Sustainable Design 
  • Creative Leadership 
  • Gamification & Game Theory
  • Disruptive Design 
  • Collaboration  
  • Gender equity 


What do teams get out of our sessions?

Participants leave our sessions with elevated creative confidence, practical ideation skills and innovative mindsets. Disrupt Design shares techniques for overcoming rigid thought patterns, based on fascinating research on cognitive experience design. Think of it as a workout for your brain!

Our sessions help to grow community and cultural cohesion as, together, groups discover tactical approaches to problem solving and explore the range of useful toolsets and methodologies that we share. 

Trainings are customized to each group’s needs and are specifically curated to impart knowledge and tools that are both relevant and applicable after the workshop has finished. Participants of our workshops leave energized with great reflective, analytical and productivity skills.


Disrupt Design systems thinking workshops
Disrupt Design Creative Thinking workshops


A curated experience that involves a mix of direct instruction, integrated thinking challenges and active workshop sessions. We use a unique method of facilitation that keeps participants actively engaged and cerebrally stimulated, whilst laying the foundations for further self-initiated inquiry.  Most of our workshops involve the transfer of hard and soft skills, from thinking frameworks to techniques for mapping and discovery. 

What is the Disruptive Design Methodology?

Disruptive Design Method by Leyla Acaroglu

We developed the Disruptive Design Methodology to help creative practitioners and social change agents build on their existing knowledge sets by incorporating systems thinking, sustainability and design into their practice.

The full curriculum is made up of 12 units and was designed for professionals engaged in, and / or interested in, effecting and enacting positive change through their work or projects. The curriculum provides a detailed, in-depth exploration of critical thinking practices, which empowers participants to understand and intervene in systems to generate change outcomes. The methodology was developed by our founder, Leyla Acaroglu (PhD), and involves three phases: mining, landscaping and building. These are used as methods for inquiry, discovery, and development, and, when used together, they lead to new, creative solutions for messy real-world problems. 

Each Disruptive Design Methodology module covers a broad range of topics including systems thinking, gamification and game theory, ethics and empathy, life cycle thinking, research strategies, applied systems intervention, cognitive and behavioral sciences, ideation and creative problem solving, and sustainable production.  Each is designed into a framed learning experience that transfers complex ideas in quick, fun, simple and sticky ways. 

Want us to design and run a class for you?

There are so many scenarios in which a Disrupt Design workshop could be just what you need. Perhaps, for example...  
Your team is addressing a specific, detailed problem or design challenge // You want to get everyone up to speed on sustainability // You want to develop methods for increasing your environmental and social performance // You heard about the systems thinking approach and want to get the 101 on this important thinking technique // You need to make a change in your organisation // You saw our founder Leyla Acaroglu's Ted Talk and want a real live version // Your team needs to be ignited, inspired, impassioned // You want to develop advanced skills in critical problem solving or strategic sustainability // You want to incorporate gamification into your strategy // You are all about social innovation and want to learn more // Your brain needs come creative tickling (yes, we can do this) // You want to learn how to use design as a catalyst for social change  // You want to learn the Disruptive Design Methodology.

Workshop FAQ's

What is the difference between a workshop and a class?

Our Un-School classes are 1 to 1.5 hours long and don't include any tailored content. Our workshops are 2-6 hours long and include curated content, experiences and activities for the group. Tailored, multi-day intensive workshop series are also available.

How many people can we fit in a workshop?

Based on our engaging learning method, our workshops have a cap of maximum 30 people. For any group larger than that, we can offer knowledge transfer by way of a keynote address, but we can't facilitate the same level of positive learning and sharing. 

Do you run workshops for students?

Yes. We have run our content and creative thinking workshops for school students as young as 7 years old. On the other end of the education spectrum, we are also commissioned to deliver our content in universities around the world. 

How do I book a Workshop?

Get in touch; let us know what your needs are and we'll let you know how we can accommodate your learning experience.

Who facilitates the workshops?

Most of our knowledge transfer sessions are run by our founder, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu. We also have a growing community of excellent facilitators that are trained in our methods, who are available to run or help facilitate at workshops. 

Do you offer individual drop-in classes?

Yes, through our experimental knowledge lab, The Un-School of Disruptive Design, we regularly offer drop-in classes in New York City.

Are your classes online? 

Not yet, but we are currently working on getting our entire 14-unit curriculum online. Keep an eye out for it on the interwebs, midway through 2016! (Also, you can sign up to our mailing list to get notified when it happens!)


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