designercise Ideation Toolkit  

Designercise is an active ideation toolkit for professional play, designed to increase flexible, agile, divergent and creative thinking through a series of short productive disruptions into everyday thinking. Based on a unique combination of cognitive sciences and design thinking techniques, Designercise is a set of exercises that helps bust through brain ruts that inhibit creative problem solving. With 3 warm up activities and 20 quick exercises that take 10-15 minutes each, Designercise creates clear gamified experiences that break down and expose cognitive biases, allowing groups to power past mental blocks. All the Designercise activities help to engage players to positively disrupt their ordinary thinking patterns and uncover their hidden creative genius!


The Designercise Ideation Toolkit contains 20 quick productive exercises that serve as disruptions into everyday cognitive biases! It provides mental workout tools that flex your brain through fun and fast paced ideation techniques. The boredom-busting brain experiences develop critical flexible thinking skills, power rapid ideation and help brighten up your grey matter!

We created Designercise to be a mental workout for your brain! It struck us as odd that though some people go to the gym at lunch time to exercise their muscles, we still don’t have tools to help exercise what is arguably the most important part of our body: our brain!


The Full Deluxe Designercise Ideation Toolkit includes 20 productivity boosting exercises, which take 10-15 minutes each, and 3 team building warm ups.

Inside the full boxed kit, you get

- 11 decks of cards (20 cards in each deck),

- 2 roulette spinning wheels,

- 1 spinner top, and

- 1 full ‘how to play’ pack, which includes lots of brain gains and facilitation tips!

Designercise is unlike any other professional play-based brain-activator on the market (actually, we don't know of any others)!


Designercise Ideation Toolkit y Disrupt Design
Small Designercise kits by Disrupt Design


There are 4 smaller kits to compliment the Full Deluxe kit. The kits are themed around exercises that enhance: storytelling, design thinking, improvisation, and flexible thinking skills. Designercise creates ideation in action as each kit helps facilitators to create a high energy environment for collaboration and creative problem solving. These small kits are perfect for educational and professional settings, a must-have for any facilitators toolkit.

Each smaller kit contains:

- 4 decks of cards (20 cards in each deck)

- Instructions on how to play 5 base games and how to make up your own!


We designed Designercise to be highly adaptive for many different settings. There is a game for every group scenario: for boring office meetings, creative brainstorm sessions, and large group activities such as conferences and seminars (just to name a few). We also created Desigerncise to be the kind of thing that groups of people can bust out over their lunch breaks at work, challenging colleagues to come up with the most wacky and wonderful ideas!

Perfect for educational and professional settings, and a must-have for any facilitator, Designercise is unlike any other professional play-based brain-activator on the market. (Actually, we don't know of any others! Correct us if we are wrong!).

THE designercise EXERCISES

Designercise includes 20 core exercises. We've designed each one to enhances storytelling, design thinking, improvisation and flexible thinking skills, while also creating a high energy environment for collaboration and creative problem solving. We were inspired by a range of common cognitive biases and creative thinking inhibitors. We noticed that the more aware of them we were, the more empowered we were to move beyond them and think of innovative ideas and solutions. Combining these with tried and tested methods for unleashing creative thinking through ideation techniques and gamified environments, we created a range of fun, easy to play, mental interventions that rapidly bust through creative barriers.  

Designercise FAQs

Why is it recommended for adults?

Because we included some slightly risky content, to make things fun a few of the cards have adult themes such as 'sexting', contraception and other life experiences that you may want to remove f you are playing with younger people.   

Which kit should I buy?

Well, it really depends on what you want to get out of playing designercise, the small kits are themed to help, but you can also play more then the 5 games that we include in the kits, you can make up your own games too! If you are a facilitator, we strongly recommend the entire deluxe kit as it has the added bonus of the roulette wheels and you get all the games in it too!


Where can I purchase Designercise?

On our store here >

How many people can play?

The exercises are designed for between 2-20 players, each game card explains the optimum number of players

Can I play by myself?

Yep, many of the games can be adapted to self-play, we encourage you to design ways of using the cards and mechanisms in our own unique way!

Will you make a kid friendly version?

Yes! We are planning a kids kit in 2016 which will be a smaller kit for use in schools.