Secret Dinner Parties


Can food ignite social change? We think so.

Disurpt Design secret dinner party

Designed to fit in unconventional spaces, from churches to construction sites, are dinner party experience is lively and unique where guests are invited to share meals while exploring the world in different ways. We developed the concept in a series of secret pop-up dinner parties in New York City, London and Mexico City where we hosted them in construction sites and soon-to-be-demolished parks and even an old church.

Food is such a critical part of our lives, and a huge part of both our individual and collective ecological footprint (a third of all food produced is wasted and 20% of the worlds carbon emissions are produced from cows!). We set about designing a unique experience framework that would allow us to share evocative culinary experiences while setting a place for knowledge exchange. 

Our design team curates themed experiences that respond to the spaces, explore enhanced sensory design, and incorporate a range of gamified activations that ignite diverse conversations, allowing our guests to experience change in action. Dinners have popped up in London, Brooklyn, Mexico City, Melbourne and Manhattan.  

How does the experience work? 

disrupt design secret dinners

This gamified dining experience, in effect, guides participants to explore the power that choices have on how we interact with others socially, and how we can each design our own experiences to have a more positive impact on the world and influence others.

As diners covertly respond to their challenges, they have to negotiate, strategize and push through personal barriers to achieve their task. Many interesting things evolve, and at the end, through a constructive sharing, we each learn and laugh about the lengths that people will go to to win at the task, and at life outside the dinner party experience. 

The dinner was so much fun! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the space was and how much I discovered and shared throughout the evening’
— Sally, Secret Dinner Party Guest, NYC

It was such an incredible experience that was so thoughtfully planned and carried out with precisionist touch. My expectations were blown away. And what a perfect mix of people!
— Brittany, Secret Dinner Party Guest, Brooklyn