we combine two great traditions - pub style trivia and creative PROBLEM solving in a fun-filled evening adventure into making creative change solutions

This experience is a combination of pub-trivia combined with TV design show. Its a team based challenge that involves rapid responses, general trivia and team design pitches. Each event has a theme that focuses on combating a real-world important issues through fun, collaborative brainstorming, and beers!

What is the experience like?

drink and design night

Drink & Design is a 3 part team based event. It starts with a drink, of course. Then Round 1, the quickfire round, begins as the adjudicator quizzes the audience on common knowledge and facts on the topic. In Round 2, teams secretly answer questions in a pub trivia quiz format and in Round 3 they finally battle out the design challenge. The teams have 45 minutes to solve the design challenge and then pitch their brilliant solutions to the judges. 

Drink and design was such a fun night. Solving real world problems has never been so energizing. We tackled trash in NYC and whilst our team’s idea was great, I was really impressed by all the other crazy cool ideas for fixing the problem - and there was beer
— Michele, D&D participant