Why the Best Leaders are Systems Thinkers


Systems thinking is all about understanding and working with complexity and chaos. It's the antithesis of reductive, linear thinking, which results in siloed and marginalized outcomes when applied to a business or problem-solving context. This is why so many of the best leaders are natural systems thinkers; they are always seeking to see how parts fit within a complex whole and looking for the interconnectedness of issues and elements within a system.

Furthermore, leaders who possess a systems thinking approach are more flexible and divergent in their solutionizing around issues that they face; as a result, outcomes don't lead to unintended consequences or transfer the issue to someone else. The solutions are systemic in nature and thus, address the root cause instead of the obvious symptoms of a problem set.

We compiled a few articles to the power of Systems Thinking in Leadership:


 Daniel Goleman and Bill George discuss ways leaders can hone their systems thinking skills.