DISRUPTING systems change

Disrupt Design Systems Change Project

systems change / In development / Estimated Release  2017


circular systems change  


The world is made up of complex interconnected systems that govern every element and aspect of our lives, from the air we breathe to the work we do. From the way we entertain ourselves to the cultural conditions that govern our happiness levels, we are constantly interacting with systems. But systems literacy is low; years of reductionist and siloed education have resulted in very linear thinking paradigms. In order to overcome this and develop the thinking tools that can lead to systems change and increase capabilities in the circular economy, we need a toolkit to quickly and effectively translate complex systems thinking into obtainable and actionable thinking processes.


For two years we have been in the disruptive design approach, mining the issues and mapping opportunities for educational and conversational interventions that will shift the status quo from linear to systems thinking. We are exploring what we need to help break through the cognitive and cultural barriers and biases that inhibit progressive change needed to shift the status quo.


We are the leading provider of creative interventions that leverage and affect positive social change through the development of toolkits and recourse that overcome intrinsic barriers to change. We tackle critical issues in fun and provocative ways our Circular Systems Toolkit is seeking to disrupt the way we converse and engage with both the circular economy and systems thinking, so leaders and students alike can engage with the thinking and doing tools needed to enact and lead systems change initiatives.