EVERYONE has the capacity to effect and activate positive change no matter
how big or small their sphere of influence is. The future is undefined, written
by the actions of those that exist in the present.

We made a pack of superpowers that anyone, anywhere, can embrace
in order to make more change in the world around them. 

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Brought to you with love from the DD Gang. 


what are youR powers for making change? 

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"The powerpack is all about fostering unconventional approaches to creatively addressing the systems, rather than the symptoms that led to the origin of the problems that we see in the world." - Leyla Acaroglu



Subscribers get a new beautifully designed superpower for making change in the world in their inbox every Friday! Each week you will get a downloadable pack with the superpower illustration, instructions on how to activate that power AND the cool social shareables (Instagram ready) so you can express to the world your power for making change! 

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Powers come out weekly Until we can't think of anymore, AND WE HAVE QUITE A FEW PLANNED, so this could take a while! Subscribe now!