Disrupt Design Love project

Love and Happiness / in development / Release date: est 2017


love, HAPPINESS,CONSUMERISM, and everything in between


What is the relationship between our expectations of love, our neurochemicals, and our ability to obtain happiness? How do all of these critical human experiences impact our planet? We are set to find out through the next stage of our Love and Happiness Project.


For the last three years, we have been mining the complex, fascinating, and highly controversial arenas of love and sexual experience, along with the relationship they have to happiness. The next phase of the project will involve an interactive public data collection experience that will seek hundreds of people from around the world to help us build a catalog of love-related experiences.


As with all of our interventions, it's hard to know what type of outcome will emerge from the Disruptive Design process. Throughout the Mining and Landscaping phases, we have developed some fascinating insights, and moving into our first public round of Building will help to evolve a set of tools/conversations/provocations that will build an intervention into love. Stay tuned.