Welcome to the Gang

Welcome to the gang!

Here's what happens now:

1.       You can download our entire back catalog here.

2.       You have full access to this secret digital clubhouse where we will be dropping content and communicating in diverse ways.

3.      You will be added to our closed gang social collective via Facebook (please follow the introduction guidelines when you are added).

4.       We strongly encourage you to action one positively disruptive act to make change and share it with us via #DDgang. 

What constitutes a positively disruptive action? We want to see more acts of change in the world from creating something that changes the conversation to intervening in a situation that's not gelling with you. Actions are louder than words, and words are bigger than thoughts. So don't just think about making change– start your micro-experimentations and macro-interventions now. We are here to help.