Designercise ideation toolkit by disrupt design

Our gamified toolkits are collections of thinking and doing tools designed to be used in the boardroom, classroom or living room.

We design and produce unique analog games and toolkits that encourage creative problem solving. Our gamified tools employ a range of play based engagement mechanisms and rapidly engage participants with strategic sustainability and creative thinking. Each tool focuses on a different audience or outcome to stimulate creative sustainable thought and action. 

Developed through a combination of design approaches and cognitive sciences, the toolkits provide a range of possibilities for developing ideas around a collection of themes. Each Toolkit contains a wide range of adaptable, play based, complimentary physical tools, which were developed for organizations and institutions requiring focused outcomes. For example, Designercise is an ideation toolkit that helps players to develop flexible and creative thinking skills; it is based on cognitive sciences and design thinking techniques and provides a fun workout for the brain. On the other hand, the Design Play Cards encourage sustainability problem solving by defining a problem, setting clear strategies and offering examples of solutions.

design thinking game

Many of our games have been created to fill a clear need in the education and communication landscape. We like to solve the puzzle of how to get ideas, tools and activations into a box that is then transferable to many people in many different locations. Many of our commissions are a result of a similar need. How do we get X to understand Y in a unique and fun way? How can we engage our community with this big critical issue that we know people are ignoring? These are the types of questions that lead us to toolkit design. If you need to transfer knowledge, create learning experiences, or solve a big hairy problem, you should consider commissioning us to create a custom toolkit for you. We love a good challenge! 

Games and toolkits we have created